Home Buyer's Myths

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Here are the most common myths…

#1) “If I go directly to the listing agent, I will get a better deal!”—FALSE. The listing agent works for the Seller, not you. You are always in a better position if you have your own Realtor and hire that Realtor as your BUYER’S AGENT

#2) ”If I can pay cash, I can low ball the offer”---FALSE. The home will go for fair market value and since this is a Seller’s market, they are getting top dollar. That is not to say that you will find that rare Seller willing to close in two weeks at a vastly reduced price but that is rare…why??? Because they do not have to sell at a reduced price as there are plenty of Buyers

#3)  “I want to know what the Seller paid for the house because if has a lot of equity, I can get more  money off”---FALSE. What the Seller paid is inconsequential. He will get fair market value for his home. Sellers want to get the most they can get and Buyers want to pay the least they can pay

#4) “I know it is a tough market for buyers so I will simply offer a ton over asking price so the Seller chooses my offer”---FALSE.  You need to consult with me on this. Yes, properties are selling for over asking but it still has appraisal parameters. More about that when we write an offer.

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